Tijana and Mitch are a wedding photography and videography duo, based in Perth, Western Australia and travel Australia wide and Bali doing what they love!

They first hit it off in Melbourne while over on business and discovered a dynamic between each other, not just as friends but as creatives too. Working simultaneously and effortlessly side by side, Tijana on stills and Mitch on video, they continuously create and inspire not only each other but their subjects too.

They both have long love affairs with the creative industry and have studied in the same university. Tijana graduating with a Bachelor of Photomedia, her work has spanned to fashion and commercial photography as well as years working in a studio telling people's story with natural expression and interaction. While Mitch graduated with a Bachelor, majoring in film. He has worked for wedding film productions for years prior and in a studio environment as well. Collectively they have over 13 years experience. 


Natural expression and interaction is what they love to capture. Taking on a documentary style approach, which is polished at the same time and focused on everyone looking their best. They both dig the adventure, engagement and the connection you need to tell people’s story and adore moody and dramatic lighting. 

Their values as people comes across in their work. Mitch never thought of marriage himself while being in the wedding industry, until the recent success in the LGBT community. Now he is able to film that dream turn into a reality for many alike and they are both set to capture love Australia wide, for all.